Surf Costa Rica means warm water ,tropical beaches, surf breaks everywhere, reef breaks, sandbars & river mouth waves. Surfing Tamarindo's beaches has it all. Tamarindo and the surrounding areas provide at least 11 different breaks within a 25 min. walking distance. The farthest surf break in the area is found at Witches  Rock. Plan your surf trip to Witch's Rock or setup a half day trip to the uncrowded south from Tamarindo this classic surf village located on the north pacific coast of Costa Rica has two surf seasons:

  • November to March (off shore winds & clean swells)
  • April to October (big swells & some rain)

Tamarindo beach offers surfing for all levels and is located right in Tamarindo village where you can visit the shops, restaurants and Banana Surf School!

Local Tamarindo Surf Breaks - Surf Trips with Banana Surf Club


Playa Tamarindo

This is where all beginners will learn. However there are some additional breaks located here for the Intermediate to Advanced Surfers as well. Here you will find two main surf breaks, including a rocky point  break in front of the hotel Tamarindo, Pico Grande, and an excellent river mouth break in front of the estuary.

Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta is very close to Tamarindo (walking distance 20-30 mins). This surf break features a right and left point break which curls off the mouth of a a small river, located 1 km south of Tamarindo.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is also a possible walking distance along the beach, however it will take a good 40-60 minutes. This surf break, offers excellent lefts, rights and beginner to advanced surf breaks. It's located about 20 minutes north of Tamarindo by car. Accessible by road.

Playa Avellanas

Offers fantastic beach breaks. Avellanas features some very hollow rights and lefts.  Located 10 km south of Tamarindo.

Playa Negra

A right point break with very fast waves, 350 kms from San Jose. Playa Negra is one of the best breaks in the country. Located 5 km south of playa Avellanas.

Playa Naranjo (Witch's  Rock)

One of the best breaks in the country, with very strong off-shore winds from December to march. This wilderness point is located in the national park of Santa Rosa. You must go totally prepared for camping since there are no facilities. A good 4wd is a must, and don't forget you mosquito net.

Portreo Grande

A right point break, with very fast and hollow waves. Located 270 kms from San Jose with no road access. You must go to Playas del Coco or Playa Ocotal and proceed from there by rented boat.

Additional Pacific Coast Surf Breaks


Playa Nosara

Surf break, with lefts and rights. About 350 kms from San Jose. You go from San Jose to Nicoya and from there to Nosara. It takes approx. 5 hours to get there.

Playa Coyote, Manzanillo, Mal Pais

Beach breaks, with very consistent lefts and rights and several point breaks. A 4wd vehicle is recommended.

Boca Barranca

A river mouth with a very long left, located 100 kms of San Jose with excellent access, paved road. Many places to stay. Dark water during rainy season scares off many. Boca Barranca and any other nearby beach are no contaminated. Boca Barranca offers some of the best waves in the country.

Puerto Caldera

This spot has an excellent left break located 3 km south of Boca Barranca, Puntarenas.

Playa Tivives & Valor

Featuring a variety of waves from beach breaks (Tivives) to a rocky point break (valor). Good quality rights and lefts.

Playa Escondida

Excellent point break that peaks up forming a very good left and a surfable right.

Playa Jaco

Can be good beach break when the surf is not too big. Tends to close out when it gets over 5 feet. Playa Jaco is approximately 2 hours from San Jose (140 km), and the waves are not always dependable. One of its principal attraction has been surfing, this because of its location on the central pacific and it being so close to great quantity of places, specially Playa Hermosa, Playa Escondida, and Boca Barranca, Puntarenas. Jaco is a growing center of tourism enjoyment, with hotels, cabins and camp grounds.

Roca Loca

Located 1.5 km south of Playa Jaco. A rocky point break with rights that break over submerged rocks. To get the point, you will have to climb a small hill.

Playa Hermosa

Very strong beach break. This long stretch of break peaks, but the preferred sand bar is located in front of a large tree known as the Almendro. The waves conditions are generally best when the tide is rising.

Esterillos Este, Esterillos Oeste, Bejuco, Boca Damas

Beach breaks, good wave forms, the points located very close to Playa Hermosa, making it easy access to many nearby accommodations. The wave conditions are very similar to those of Playa Hermosa.


This small left surf point is found at the river mouth in the city of Quepos, easy access with many restaurants and accommodations.

Playita, Manuel Antonio

Beach break, lefts and rights with good shape. This coastal area requires a larger swell for the surf to be good.

Playa El Rey

Rights and lefts beach break peaks. Best access to get there is taking the road to playa Dominical, 25 minutes from Quepos, in Roncador go right 11 kms and you will be there.

Playa Dominical

Good, strong beach break with lefts and rights. Beautiful landscapes and very tropical.

Drake's Bay

Drake's Bay is only accessible by boat. This remote break offers long, powerful waves when the swell is running. Boca del Rio Sierpe, is another place with exciting potential for the same kind of waves. Corcovado National Park is an adjacent kingdom of lush, tropical wilderness, approximately 1-1/2 hours by boat.


Excellent right points located in front of Pavones, you can get there by road from Pavones or Golfito. Perfect waves.


Excellent left point, considered one of the longest in the world. Good shape and very fast. It is located 400 kms from San Jose (8 hours by car). Bring camping gear if you wish to hang there. Out on the peninsula across Pavones, a half-hour boat ride away, there is a series of right points (Matapalo) the equivalent of Pavones world class lefts.